Lens innovations

Lens innovations

Exclusive Bollé coatings, the best of innovation !

CSP,  Comfort Sensitivity Perception

This innovative coating is an effective solution for all activities that alternate exposure to bright light and low light, while also being suitable for extreme temperature environments.
Ideal for cold and hot countries, from the Far East to Siberia! CSP technology to filter blue light is combined with the exclusive PLATINUM® coating, to sustainably combat fogging and provide permanent visual comfort from a single pair of glasses.



Recommended for outdoor work at dawn and at dusk, TWILIGHT is a real shield against blue light.
Contrasts are accentuated for better visibilityand the double inner/outer anti-fog coating is effective even in the most extreme conditions.



The POLARIZED technology is ideal for use in an urban or seagoing environment, for driving, and more generally for all outdoor activities in which there is a high risk of glare.
The POLARIZED technology offers incomparable comfort by eliminating glare and reflections.


PLATINUM®, for high scratch resistance and anti-fogging

Bollé Safety Standard Issue is revolutionising protective eyewear with an innovation that meets the requirements of all international standards, in particular the EN166 standard.
The new exclusive PLATINUM® coating is now available on many models including X810, GUNFIRE, SWAT, X1000, and COMBAT. It guarantees more safety, more reliability and a comfortable fit.
Washable*, this permanent coating on both sides of the lens gives them a high scratch resistance and delays fogging.
In all circumstances and at every moment, PLATINUM® provides the highest safety for eyes.


  • Clear lens: approved for permanent wear and certified perfect optical quality.
  • Yellow comfort lens: recommended for low light environments, both indoors and out. The yellow tint increases contrasts (e.g. ideal for night driving).
  • Smoke lens: designed and produced to provide maximum protection and comfort against UVA/UVB and solar radiation.
  • Silver and red mirror-coated lens : the mirror-coated lens reflects heat. Ideal for outside use in full sunshine.