Clay Target Shooting, otherwise known as Clay Pigeon Shooting, is an Olympic sport where the objective is to hit a clay target with a shotgun that has been launched into the air.

Lauryn Mark is triple commonwealth gold medallist and Olympian. In 1999 Lauryn created history by becoming the youngest competitor ever to win the United States Open Women’s Skeet Championship. She continued her career pursuing goals as an Australian. She finished fourth in Women's Skeet in the 2004 Summer Olympics and won three gold medals at the 2002 Commonwealth Games and the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

Russell’s career has included thirty-nine open Australian Championships, his first coming as a 16 year-old Junior. With his win in Atlanta he became the first Shotgun Shooter in the history of the sport to win all four of the World’s Major Individual Title’s, The World Cup, The World Cup Final, The World Championship and The Olympic Games.

Russell competed in 6 Olympic Games and retired from competitive shooting in 2014. Together with Lauryn they run a successful clay shooting business that hosts corporate events around Australia.

Lauryn and Russell Mark have been Bollé ambassadors for over 10 years and continue supporting the brand.

What are the important skills in shooting sports?     
Good hand to eye co-ordination for clay target shooting is essential.

What are the differences between shooting a moving and a static target ? 
A moving target requires greater visionary skills and an understanding of the bio mechanics of how your body works.

Indoor or outdoor shooting?    
Clay target shooting is exclusively an outdoor sport.

What is the danger of the shooting sport?
I have found the biggest “danger” is getting hit on the head by the flying pieces of clay targets after they have been hit.

What shooting glasses do you use when competing? Are there any requirements?  
I have used a variety of glasses over the years. Because I need a slight prescription in my glasses these days I am limited what I can use. I used Bollé glasses to win the 1996 Olympics.

What kind of glasses/sunglasses do you need that improve contrast so that you can see a fast-moving object across the sky?    
A variety of cloys is essential. In clay target shooting a reddish lens is popular in bright conditions as it acts as a sunglass as well as enhancing the orange target against most backgrounds.

How do you battle the glare, low light (cloudy) conditions?
Low light is combatted essentially by wearing clear lenses.

What do you enjoy the most about shooting?  
The fact that anyone of any age can be competitive. 

What are the benefits (health benefits) of shooting sport activities?  
It is an outdoor activity that has great therapeutic qualities as it can be easily coached and competed in.

Any recommendations/advice for those who are new to shooting?  
Get some basic coaching to start with to understand the fundamentals.